Nourishing Night
Face Cream

Nourishing and moisturizing night care, ideal to revitalize asphyctic and marked skins Ideal to restore tone, energy and radiance to asphyctic and mature skins. During the night, it accelerates the normal processes of cellular turnover, helping to rejuvenate and restore the skin. Its formula has a targeted revitalizing and nouri­shing action that reawakens cellular vitality and leaves skin more toned and compact. The nourishing action of avocado oil is combined with the softening, elasticizing and restructuring action of shea butter and argan oil ensures tone and compactness. The correct level of skin hydration is maintained thanks to hyaluronic acid, which works in synergy with the moisturizing complex; platinum powder ensures precious anti-ageing and restructuring effects. The effectiveness of the treatment is completed by Vitamin A, with a targeted anti-ageing and revitalizing action, and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.