Hp Treatment

Shock abdomen and hip treatment, which takes advantage of balancing a controlled cold-hot thermal effect. Ideal for all women who have slackening and localized fat in “critical” areas, such as the abdomen and hips. Not all calories from food intake are burned as some are also used as a reserve of energy. However, when the effects of overeating or a sedentary and stressful lifestyle are added to this, the phenomenon of accumu­lated triglycerides is worsened, with the appearance of the imperfections caused by deposits of fat on the abdomen and hips. This formulation offers a complete and effective treatment, which takes advantage of a sort of vasomotory gymnastics, thanks to the synergy of two actions: a “cold” effect obtained from active ingredients that tone and immediately cool the skin, helping to firm it, and a “heat” effect due to methyl nicoti­nate, which by causing hyperthemia, helps dissolve dimples of fat. The presence of the sphacelaria scoparia algae helps reduce the accumulation of fat at cellular level and stimulate the production of collagen. Extracts of arnica, bilberry and horse chestnut reinforce the microcirculation, ensuring protection and stimulation of the circulation. After a constant 4-week cycle of applications, the first results on the fat deposits will be seen and the skin will look more toned and firmer.

ADVANTAGES: a dual firming-slimming effect, improvement in the vessel tone, thanks to the presence of escin; an immediate sensation of coolness that balances and regulates the subsequent effect of hyperthemia, with a mechanism of gradual release.